Cal-OSHA Adopts Hotel Housekeeper Safety Regulation

The Division of Occupational Safety and Health adopted a new workplace safety and health regulation intended to reduce work-related injuries among housekeepers in the hotel and hospitality industry.


The agency commonly known as Cal-OSHA said the new standard is the first in the nation written specifically to protect hotel housekeepers. The standard becomes effective July 1. 


Employers in the hotel and lodging industry will be required to develop and maintain an effective musculoskeletal injury prevention program that includes:


-Procedures to identify and evaluate housekeeping hazards at the worksite.


-Procedures to investigate musculoskeletal injuries suffered by housekeepers.


-Methods to correct identified hazards.


-Training of workers and supervisors on safe practices and controls, as well as a process for early reporting of injuries to the employer.


The state’s Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board developed the new standard after six years of staff research and public input at meetings and hearings. The board started investigating housekeeper safety issues after receiving a request in 2012 from labor union UNITE HERE to promulgate new standards.